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PTSD talk2016-05-03

Press release from a presentation by Dr. McIntyre and Dr. Kelley at Public Employees Risk Management Association

Behavioral Flags2011-11-23
In this edition of the newsletter, I review some of the behavioral flags that we consider in forming a recommendation.  These behavioral flags are identied on their infrequent occurrence in a national sample of over 18,000 public safety applicants.
Appeals of Psychological Evaluations2010-10-07
If an applicant receives a negative recommendation from a Pre-employment Psychological Evaluation, there is a wide variety of ways that hiring agencies handle an appeal.  In this newsletter, Dr. McIntyre explains three common appeal processes and the strengths and weaknesses of each.
DCJS guidelines2010-05-09
The new guidelines published by DCJS strengthen the requirements for what is needed for a Pre-employment Psychological Evaluation.  A key element is the requirement for an individual interview with the applicant
Fitness for duty evaluations, September 20092009-10-11
How do you know when an officer's psychological condition is affecting his/her ability to do the job?  When is the officer safe to be returned to work?
Pre-employment psychological evaluations, March 20092009-03-27
What do you need to look for when contracting for pre-employment psychological evaluations?  Dr. McIntyre stresses the wisdom of following the IACP guidelines by having an individual interview with a licensed psychologist that is experienced in the field of police psychology.
Myths, October 20072007-12-09

A number of myths have circulated about police officers and their psychological well being, most of them erroneous and based on faulty information.  Dr. Audrey Honig of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department debunks many of these myths.

Laws, March 20072007-06-10

There are several laws important to the field of psychological evaluations of police officers.  Dr. McIntyre addresses the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HiPAA)

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